Daniele Dottorini / Italy / 2022 / 43’
Film presentation and screening

Un luogo visibile
Screening of the film created for the
workshop by Martin Solà

with Daniele Dottorini

University of Calabria


University Of Salerno, building D2 classroom SP3


27 October, h 10.30 – 12.30

Free entrance

The screening with free admission is allowed up to a maximum of 60 participants with reservations required at the email address labsav@unisa.it.

The screening of the film “A visible place“, produced by DISPeS of the University of Calabria, will be introduced by professor Daniele Dottorini who will present the film produced on the occasion of the “Filming the Campus” workshop held in May 2022 by Argentine director Martin Solà.

The goal was to find new perspectives through which to tell the UniCal campus, resulting in a collective film, capable of building an original image of the experienced place by those who live it.

Daniele Dottorini

augusto dottorini

Daniele Dottorini is associate professor of cinema at the University of Calabria and visiting professor at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina).
He is a film programmer for the Festival dei Popoli in Florence. He is editor of “Fata Morgana”, “Sentieri Selvaggi”, “Fata Morgana Web”; and collaborates with the ’Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani’.
He is the author of the entry ‘Nemico’ for the Lessico del cinema italiano (Milano 2014-2016).
Among his essays: Per un cinema del reale. Forme e pratiche del documentario italiano contemporaneo (Udine 2013), Monographs on Lynch’s cinema (Genova 2004), Renoir (Roma 2007), Cameron (Pisa 2013), Herzog (2022). Edizioni Mimesis released in 2018 La passione del reale. Il documentario o la creazione del mondo.

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