Analogico e Digitale tra Millennials e Generazione Z

Meeting with Guido D'Apuzzo, Giulia Rosco, Felicia Maria Iannone

Analogico e digitale tra Millennials e Gen Z
Introduces Daniele Plaitano

co-founder and member of SalernoAnalogica

Event created in collaboration with Salerno Analogica


Chiesa dell’Addolorata


26 October 2022, h 18.00

Free entrance

A conflict within a conflict: this meeting will be an opportunity to deepen the relationship between two, close yet so different, generations, through the dichotomous key between analogue and digital.
What are the reasons behind the choice to shoot on film, to start doing it, to continue, or simply to get back into the habit? What did the millennials experience in relation to the presence and subsequent disappearance of the film? What does Gen Z experience about something that, on a social level, was a discovery and not a habit and what will be the scenarios for the future generation? We will all ask ourselves why. And all together we will give each other some answers.

During the talk there will be a camera loaded with a Vision 500t rewound film, kindly offered by DP66-Donadio & Paruolo, that anyone can use. The photos taken will compose a gallery that will then be posted on the social channels of Linea d’Ombra and Salerno Analogica.

Guido D'Apuzzo

Guido D'Apuzzo

Originally from Salerno, class of ’81, Guido, over the years, has obtained a diploma as a master of art, a master’s degree in scenography and subsequently a second level degree in photography as a language of art. In these years of study and dedication to photographic experimentation, as well as a lover of ancient printing techniques and creator of nineteenth-century prototype cameras, Guido dedicates himself in particular to traditional darkroom techniques combined with the use of pinhole cameras. Subsequently, after years of technical experimentation, he comes to visual language and its expressive possibilities. He exhibits in various collective and personal exhibitions, is involved in artist residencies and signs pinhole photography articles for Italy and abroad. In particular, we recall the recognition received by the “Royal Photographyc Society” of London as an active member regarding pinhole photography with relative publication in the “Rps Journal”. A few years later, he exhibited at “Villa Pignatelli – House of photography” in Naples with subsequent teaching assignments for didactic projects with the students of the “Sabatini-Menna” Art School of Salerno. He currently lives in the Salerno area and deals with combining narrative research with the expressive potential of images.

Giulia Rosco

giulia rosco

Giulia Rosco was born in Salerno in 93 ‘, at the age of 18 she moved to Milan to graduate in photography at the Italian Institute of Photography and Cinematography at the Sae Institute. Her career alternates continuously between the world of video and photos, from the production of short films, video clips and documentaries to reportage photo shoots. In recent years she has been working on authorial projects asking herself questions about rights and (gender) equality. A series of works related to these issues are born, the most important is Feneen, a documentary on the Senegalese urban music scene with the aim of overturning the stereotypical image of the African continent. She is currently working on a long-term project related to women.

Felicia Maria Iannone

felicia iannone

Graduated in Fashion Design at the Higher Institute of Design in Naples in 2011, she is a self-taught photographer.

After working for several years as a photographer, photo-retoucher and video maker in two communication agencies in Campania, she opened a photographic studio in Nocera Superiore in 2018, where she deals with fashion and commercial photography.

In 2019 one of her shots was selected for the collective exhibition “Ethereal: A Daily Poetry” curated by Imagenation Paris and the editorial “Morgana”, created in collaboration with the stylist Paolo Convinto, was published by i-d Italy.

Daniele Plaitano

daniele plaitano

Co-founder and member of SalernoAnalogica, he approaches photography as a hobby and deepens it as self-taught. Later he embarked on his career as a freelance videomaker, starting with music video clips and then moving on to festival reportage (Bits festival, Disorder, Casa Sanremo) and corporate commercials and corporate. He has been working as a videomaker for the marketing area of ​​the Giffoni Film Festival since 2017, becoming its Content Manager in 2021. At the same time he carries on the 180gr project, which promotes vinyl DJ sets in local markets and related realities, taking care of all video production. He goes back to analogue photography as a need to detach himself from completely digital work, and for years he has been proposing projects related to it through social media, in which he has been working for years as a project representative and operator.

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11_18 November 2023