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When the video game goes indie
Meeting with Daniel Mullins, game director

arte e videogame
Meeting with Daniel Mullins

game director of Pony Island and Inscryption

Introduces Claudio Cugliandro


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Chiesa dell’Addolorata


25 October 2022, h 21.30

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We resume the reflection already started in the preview event LdO2022 at the Institut Français Napoli on the world of video games as a cultural and artistic product.

Linea d’Ombra Festival 2022 tries here as well to propose an initial codification of the artistic video game around the key concepts of:

  • innovation in game mechanics,
  • innovation in game design,
  • innovation in narrative development, authorship (for games that require it).

Based on these characteristics, one of the most interesting authors of recent years is undoubtedly the Canadian Daniel Mullins, who with his latest work Inscryption has collected some of the most important awards in the sector (a BAFTA Award for Game Design, two nomination at The Game Awards, the “Oscars” of the video game, etc.), but which represents only the last step of a career strongly linked to the concept of authorship and the constant search for new ways to innovate the video game product and raise it to rank of artistic product.

To chat with him will be Claudio Cugliandro, editor of Stay Nerd and of Il Manifesto, and always focused on the independent video game, very often a real experimentation ground capable of creating the new standards of the games of tomorrow.

Daniel Mullins

Daniel Mullins

After a few years of working in the Vancouver video game industry as a programmer, Daniel Mullins achieved independent success with his 2016 hit “Pony Island”. Over the next six years he released both “The Hex” and “Inscryption,” taking Pony Island’s eclectic mix of genres into more ambitious and substantive titles. He is a lover of game jams, which have served as inspiration for his biggest projects.

Claudio Cugliandro

Claudio Cugliandro

Claudio Cugliandro was born in Palermo in 1991, and graduated in Communication Sciences for Arts and Cultures. He writes for numerous newspapers and magazines, both online and in print, including “Stay Nerd”, “Not”, “IMESI”, “Il Manifesto” and “Everyeye”, talking about video games, culture, communication and new media.

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