Art and Videogame

Meeting with Jordan Layani

arte e videogame
6 October 2022, H 18.00

Meeting with Jordan Layani, founder of Sloclap and game director of Sifu

Introduces Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia, content creator and journalist

Event created in collaboration with Institut Français Napoli | Le Grenoble

Palazzo Il Grenoble
via Francesco Crispi, 86
80121 Napoli

Free entrance

Also live on twitch.tv/lineadombra

Discussing how to define the concept of culture and that of art is something that has continuously interested academics for many decades, without ever arriving at a solution that is fully shared by all.

Like all abstract concepts created by the human being, it changes with the altering of society and of the thought, but if there is one thing on which there is almost total agreement, it is that the history of art and culture proceeds always innovating with respect to the past; to give examples, Caravaggio is in the history of art not because he knew how to paint better than others, but because he brought an explosive innovation to the field compared to what was the experience of his contemporaries, such as the innovative use of shadows and lights, or Jan van Eyck is at the center of the history of art because differently from what happened up to that moment, where the pictorial commissions were either religious or court, he is the first to paint subjects belonging to the mercantile and bourgeois class, testimony of an acquired power of the latter (and obviously through a certain pictorial mastery).

However, if, for example, arts such as painting have a certain codification available now, the result of the work of scholars for centuries, the discourse of artistic recognition becomes increasingly difficult as we approach a recently invented medium, with its own unique characteristics. We are talking about the world of video games, in which the literature that frames it as a product that can also be cultural and artistic, has no more than a couple of decades.

One of the goals that Linea d’Ombra Festival 2022 sets itself in relation to the video game is precisely to try to propose an initial coding of the artistic video game, which in relation to the above, moves around some key concepts:

  • innovation in game mechanics,
  • innovation in game design,
  • innovation in narrative development, authorship (for games that require it).

Sifu mixes strong innovation, precisely in the mechanics of interaction (which draws heavily on the 80s video game, but renewing it in an absolutely innovative contemporary key), and at the same time a great fascination with aesthetics linked, for example, to films by oriental genre of martial arts (which are continually mentioned in the game, like for example “Oldboy” by Park Chan-work).

Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia, content creator and journalist with a long career of militancy in the Italian videogame information, will interact with Jordan Layani on his experience as author and artist, using “Sifu” as a skeleton to talk about the artistic value and culture of the videogame through the creative choices adopted by the author.

Institutional greetings

Lise Moutoumalaya, Consul General of France for Southern Italy


Presentation of Linea d’Ombra Festival XXVII edition

Peppe D’Antonio, artistic director of the festival


Gaming: why and how can we link Cinema and Video Games?

Franco Cappuccio, curatore della sezione Gaming del festival


Sifu: Kung Fu from cinema to our house

Jordan Layani, Co-founder and Creative Director of Sloclap

Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia, content creator and journalist


Final Q&A

Jordan Layan

Jordan Layani

Jordan Layani è un artista ed autore videoludico. Dopo alcune esperienze come Level Designer e Game Designer per alcuni videogiochi Ubisoft (come Watch Dogs o Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier), nel 2015 fonda a Parigi Sloclap, casa di produzione videoludica indipendente, il cui focus chiave gira intorno ai giochi di combattimento con arti marziali per PC e console. Il progetto di debutto dello studio, Absolver, uscito nel 2017, di cui Jordan Layani è Design Director, è un grande successo, con una fanbase di più di tre milioni di persone al mondo. Nel 2022 esce Sifu, di cui Jordan Layani è Creative Director, su PC e Playstation 4/5, diventando uno dei grandi successi dell’annata videoludica e ricevendo recensioni entusiastiche da pubblico e critica.

Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia


Gianluca Loggia, better known as Ualone, has been chatting about video games for work since the late 90s. In his career he has worked for many of the main specialized press in the sector and in particular he was Editor-in-Chief of PSM – historic videogame magazine dedicated to the Sony Playstation console – and then Editor of IGN Italia, one of the most important video game information networks in the world. In his most recent career he began to devote himself as a content creator on Twitch, opening a video game information and in-depth channel and quickly acquiring a fantastic community, always very curious, affectionate and able to provide incredible support. He has made a series of very popular podcasts on the same topics, such as “Walkie-Talkie with Ualone” or, more recently, “La casa dei player” which is the official podcast of Playstation Italia.

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