Cinema and Videogame

When the video game becomes a festival
Meeting with Eline Soumeru and Luuk Van Huet

cinema e videogame


Franco Cappuccio

Event created with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Chiesa dell’Addolorata


22 October 2022, h 22:00

Free entrance

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The main feature that Linea d’Ombra proposes in addressing a broad and complex topic such as that of video games is to adopt an approach – unique in Italy – which aims to talk about video games from an artistic and cultural point of view; the predominant vision on this media today, however, is that mainly linked to fairs, which differently pushes (in a completely legitimate and interesting way, of course) more on the concept of community that comes together, that does things together, and in general on the entertainment.

Among the few realities that talk about video games from a cultural point of view instead, there is also the Kaboom Festival in the Netherlands, born as an animation festival and considered one of the most important in the world of its kind, but which since the past edition has opened up to gaming by adopting a vision common to ours, although articulated in a very different way in the approach. With the heads of the gaming section of the Kaboom Festival Eline Soumeru and Luuk Van Huet, Franco Cappuccio the head of the gaming section of Linea d’Ombra will talk about what makes a video game an artistic and cultural product, what drives cultural festivals to introduce a section dedicated to this medium within their programming and what, according to them, is the future that they expect.

Luuk Van Huet

Luuk Van Huet

Luuk Van Huet is one of the founding fathers of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival in 2007 which now lives in the Kaboom International Film Festival. At Kaboom, he is one of the two responsible curators for the gaming section. He has written on film, politics, comics, literature, theater, art and video games for a variety of publications and websites, including Amsterdam Weekly, Time Out Amsterdam, Cineville and currently Cine.nl. In his spare time, he is part of a collective of volunteers who runs a free cultural space in a former atomic bomb shelter in central Amsterdam called the Vondelbunker.

Eline Soumeru

Eline Soumeru

Eline Soumeru (1989) joined Kaboom’s family in 2017 (when it was still KLIK!) as a volunteer. Over the years she has managed to combine her love of animation and gaming and is now one half of the two heads of the gaming section. Within the cultural sector in Amsterdam, she has worked as a freelance writer, photographer and video maker for organizations such as 3voor12, DJBroadcast, Dekmantel, Cineville, NFF and Cine.nl. When not working she pretends to be a good gardener, with varying degrees of success.

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