Masterclass with Teacher Innovator Laura Cesaro

As a representative of the Festivals and Cultural Events group of the Consulta Universitaria del Cinema, Laura Cesaro recounts a cross-section of Film Festival Studies to introduce participants to an unprecedented perspective on festivals celebrating Cinema.

Event realised in collaboration withAudiovisual Storytelling Laboratory-LABSAV of the Department of Political and Communication Sciences-POLICOM of the University of Salerno.

with Laura Cesaro




14 NOVEMBER 2023, H 10.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.

Ingresso gratuito. Prenotazione online obbligatoria.

The masterclass with free admission is open to a maximum of 30 participants.
To attend the Masterclass, you must book your place no later than 23:59 UTC+1. on 13/11/2023.

The masterclass, conducted by Laura Cesaro, proposes a historical examination to reconstruct the change in sensitivity in the dialogue between cinema and environmental issues and, finally, to propose a focus on the Italian situation: recent legislation has led to the signing of the “Guide to Green Festivals” (2022), a protocol that fully involves the Italian festival dimension on the anthropocentric impact at all times (organisation, promotion and communication, realisation and post-event activities both in socio-economic and tourism-cultural terms) in particular through experimentation in terms of visual perspectives linked to the mapping of the territory.

Some emblematic cases will also be analysed, including the Euganea Film Festival, one of the festivals promoting this line of action.

Laura Cesaro

Laura Cesaro is a research fellow at the University of Padua, where she teaches Theories and Techniques of Mass Communications. Her research interests concern studies on film festivals and the relationship between cinema and territory. In collaboration with the CineLands research project (dBC – Unipd), her investigation focuses on visual perspectives related to the mapping of the territory, including the design of didactic and educational models. She is a representative of the Festivals and Cultural Events group of the Consulta Universitaria del Cinema, an association founded with the aim of promoting, favouring and coordinating scientific and cultural initiatives aimed at broadening and strengthening the presence of cinema and audiovisual disciplines in Italian universities. She is the author of Geographies of Control in the Contemporary Audiovisual Scene (Bulzoni, 2022).

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11_18 November 2023