Film and Dance


Cinema e Danza
An original Linea d’Ombra show
edited by BorderlineDanza


Sala Pasolini


27 October 2022, h 20:00

Free entrance. Booking online required.

Freely inspired by the Carnage masterpiece by R. Polanski, CAROSELLO highlights the human in its purest, wildest state, free from any limitation and capable of expressing one’s ideas with absolute honesty. The strength of the staging is characterized by the four contenders who join forces, clash, move away and then find unsuspected reasons to get closer. All acted with an impressive dynamism: breaking down the space, passing from more orderly and canonical locations to unpredictable angles, fragmenting the scene in order to visually make the crumbling of relationships.

  • Direction and choreography Claudio Malangone
  • Authors/Interpreters Pietro Autiero, Adriana Cristiano, Alessandro Esposito, Giada Ruoppo
  • Sound Designer Alessandro Capasso
  • Variations on Trio No. 2 Op. 100 by Schubert for Piano and Synthesizer edited by Alessandro Capasso
  • Virtual scenography and light designer Giuseppe Ferrigno
  • Video Animation Francesco Petrone
  • Costumes Borderlinedanza
  • Organization Maria Teresa Scarpa
  • External Relations Hanka Irma Van Dongen
Company: Borderlinedanza

Claudio Malangone


Claudio Malangone danced for Susanne Linke, in the projects “Assaggi di Potere – Macht das Was? – Sequenza II” and “Seele” from 2003 to 2005, “Heisse Luft” in 2019. Of classical and contemporary training (National Dance Academy (AND), Biennial Scholarship of the Lazio Region at C.I.D.), he perfected himself with Susanne Linke, Carolyn Carlson, Beatrice Libonati, Matilde Monnier, Birgit Cullberg, Nina Watt, Doris Rudko, Alice Condodina, Simona Bucci, Andè Peck, Roberta Garrison, Adriana Borriello. First dancer since 1998 he directs Borderlinedanza with which he participates in various national and international festivals. The research work, thanks to his training as a doctor and psychiatrist, is based on the integration of psychophysiological, social and pedagogical aspects related to movement, to self-expression, to one’s social and geographical being, in order to restore meaning and significance through the experience of practice and performance.

BORDERLINEDANZA is an Dance Production Organization recognized and supported by the Campania Region and MIIC from 2000. The company, with a stable core of dancers, develops a research work through a decoding of languages, deconstructing the movement that arises from one’s ability to introspect and subsequently to merge or confuse it through the senses, with materials coming from technology, from the visual arts, from music and theater. The work is based on the awareness of the movement and on the integration of psychophysiological, social and pedagogical aspects related to it, to the expression of oneself, of one’s social, geographical being, in order to restore the sense and meaning sought and discovered through the experience of practice and performance. Like a line on a border, Borderline continuously redraws the concept of experience and representation in its protagonists, authors/performers, in its spectacular results, in its synergies. The completed projects were represented in Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Bosnia, Albania, Greece, Armenia, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico. Borderlinedanza has been active since 2010 at the auditorium of the Social Center, for artistic creation, professional training, realization of multidisciplinary programs, public education and promotion interventions, relations with Universities, High schools for Dance and other Schools to bring the public closer to theater and dance.

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