una discussione a partire dall'esperienza del progetto Eccellenze in Digitale

Conoscenza, competenze e influencer

The EiD project was created by Societing Lab for the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno sponsored by Unioncamere and Google.


Chiesa dell’Addolorata


24 October 2022, h 19:00

Free entrance

Alfonso Amendola, Giuseppe d’Antonio and Alex Giordano

They talk about it with:

  • Andrea Prete -National President of Unioncamere;
  • Diego Ciulli – Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google Italy;
  • Francesco Pirone – Coord. Master’s Degree Course in Social Innovation of the Department of Social Sciences of the University Federico II of Naples;
  • Tommaso Siano – Director of the newspaper La Città;
  • Jesse – Influencer
  • The teachers of the Digital Excellence prototype: Pina Caliento, Simona Caracciolo, Ylenia Cuccurullo, Benedetta De Luca, Maria Luisa D’Urso, Sara Laveglia, Angela Maiale, Nadia Malangone, Giovanna Montera, Rosaria Morrone, Mara Normando, Ida Papandrea, Eufemia Scannapieco.

The digital transition is not a simple path in which to acquire technological tools and put them into use within our current work, production, relationship processes, etc. Instead, it is a new challenge for humanity, as the scientists who study the evolution of these systems explain to us.
The main conflict, in this historical moment, is given by the enormous development of information technologies, which significantly influence forms of socialization, consumption and lifestyles, also significantly affecting the market and the world of professions; and, on the other hand, a great lack of critical vision on technologies, digital and data. These two aspects must be considered together to reflect on the development of digital knowledge and skills by looking carefully at the young people of the third millennium who are among the main users of new technologies: they surf in internet, create, communicate, express themselves, give life to artistic productions and unprecedented cultures that feed themselves – unconsciously – with the past, present and future, through the new interactive tools. Young internet surfers and social media users, for whom “accelerated change” is not a simple reality but a predetermined datum, seem to know well these technological tools and the various opportunities offered by the Net, even if they sometimes ignore the risks.
Then there are new figures who are formed thanks to this special meeting place that has been generated above all on social networks: the so-called influencers. They are shopping guides, brand testimonials, trainers of various skills (from cooking to plumbing) or just people who are followed because they create moments of lightness and madness that create fun, curiosity or admiration.

How is it possible to use technologies to promote the development of connective and collective intelligence, increase people’s cognitive abilities and consciously enjoy the advantages and power of these tools? With the prototype of “Digital Excellence” tested in the province of Salerno, we tried to offer two proposals together: to explain to entrepreneurs (especially small, medium and very small) the potential of some digital tools for the benefit of communication and relationships with their audiences and for the benefit of improving the quality of their storytelling; on the other hand, it was intended to give a message by making clear the widespread presence of high-level digital skills among professionals operating in Southern Italy. We want to start to reflect in this meeting, from the experience gained with Digital Excellences, on the possibility of creating bridges and new alliances between institutions, media, influencers and digital platforms.
At the end of the talk, an acknowledgment will be given to all the teachers and all partners who have contributed to the realization of this experimental edition of Digital Excellence created by Unioncamere with the support of Google and prototyped by the Salerno Chamber of Commerce, designed and produced by the Societing Lab with the Department of Social Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples.


11_18 November 2023