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Masterclass with director/screenwriter Francesca Comencini

The great scriptwriter/director will tell us how she came to master the medium of cinema and how a free and unconstrained career path can be pursued.


Piccolo Teatro Porta Catena


Friday 17 November 2023, 11.00 a.m.


The masterclass with free admission is open to a maximum of 40 participants.

To participate in the Masterclass, you must book your place no later than 23:59 UTC+1. on 16/11/2023

Francesca Comencini

Civil cinema, documentary, art film, Gomorra, the Western of Django. Francesca Comencini’s career is a bouquet of opportunities seized on the fly, of totally different registers and challenges, in search of avant-garde content and forms.

If at the beginning of her career she realised the new ills of our society before many, if not all, did, in the second half she tried her hand at eternal and very modern genres also thanks to the intuition of Stefano Sollima who saw in her what not even Francesca Comencini herself could suspect.

He continued to tell the world from a different perspective, to draw men and women of rare expressive power, to tell ambitious stories with a variety of visions and styles usually seen in a whole nouvelle vague.

In this masterclass, she will tell us how she arrived at such a mastery of the medium of cinema and how one can pursue such a free and unconstrained career path.

Francesca Comencini

Francesca Comencini is an Italian director, screenwriter and assistant director, daughter of the famous Luigi Comencini and sister of Paola and Cristina. She studied philosophy, but followed her passion for cinema, directing films such as Pianoforte (1984), Le parole di mio padre (2001), Mi piace lavorare (2004), Lo spazio bianco (2009), Amori che non sanno stare al mondo (2017). He has also made documentaries on social and cultural issues, such as Carlo Giuliani, ragazzo (2002), Elsa Morante (1195) and In fabbrica (2007). He has participated in various international festivals and directed several episodes of the TV series Gomorra and the Western series Django (2023). His autobiographical film ‘Prima la vita‘ is being released in 2024.


11_18 November 2023