Il Cinema, l’Immortale

Presentation of the book and meeting with the director

daniele vicari
Il Cinema, l’Immortale
Einaudi, 2022


Boris Sollazzo


Piccolo Teatro di Porta Catena


28 October 2022, h 19.00

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Since its inception, cinema has been declared dead at about the end of each decade. Our turbulent times are no less. Despite epidemics and wars, however, cinema survives. So what is cinema today? The time has come to ask fully.
More or less at the end of each decade, cinema has been declared dead, since it was born on that famous 28 December 1895. The same Lumière brothers, who gave birth to it, said that it was “an invention without a future” and they said it considering the dizzying technological evolution of which they themselves had interpreted as industrialists, producers of films and cameras. So the good old film, despite having been born for the big screen, but having adapted itself wonderfully to the small screen since the spread of the first television sets (we are talking about the 1950s), seems to be playing the lion’s share of innovative digital platforms. During the lockdown due to the pandemic and afterwards, films surpassed TV series. So what is cinema today? The time has come to ask fully.

Daniele Vicari

daniele vicari

Daniele Vicari, is one of the most appreciated and awarded directors of Italian cinema. Among his films: Velocità massima (2002), Venice Film Festival and David di Donatello Best First Film; L’orizzonte degli eventi (2005), Semaine de la Critique in Cannes; Il mio paese (2006), David di Donatello Best Documentary; Il passato è una terra straniera (2008), winner of the Miami International Film Festival; Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood (2012), Winner of the public jury at the Berlinale,of four David di Donatello and of three Nastri d’Argento; La nave dolce (2012), Pasinetti Award; Sole Cuore Amore (2016), Giuseppe De Santis Award; Prima che la notte (2018); Il giorno e la notte (2021); Orlando (2022).He is one of the founders of the Gian Maria Volonté School of Film Art, of which he is artistic director. For Einaudi he published Emanuele nella battaglia (2019).


11_18 November 2023