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Meeting with Nicola Nocella

nicola nocella


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Sala Pasolini


23 October 2022, h 20:00

Free entrance

Also in live streaming.

From Il Figlio Più Piccolo to Il maledetto, passing through Easy – un viaggio facile facile or the irresistible male nurse of Cosa sarà, il Sangue Impazzito (beautiful theatrical show about Belushi that he has imprinted in his face, in his heart, in his talent) of Italian cinema it is this actor who chases after the David di Donatello with the stubborn obstinacy with which he unhinges even the most difficult role. One of the most original, powerful, eclectic talents of Italian cinema, he has the advantage of always saying what he thinks exactly as he says: without sparing himself, without being afraid of how steep the climb is. He was probably born in the wrong era but fortunately he is stubborn enough to make it the right one for him. A public meeting with Nicola Nocella is a unique opportunity to understand what art is and what an artist is. In the most literal, lofty and visceral sense of the word.

Nicola Nocella

Nicola Nocella, born in 1981 in the province of Bari, boasts a long and successful career in the world of cinema and television. After the scientific maturity, he enters the Experimental Center of Cinematography to follow the course as an actor. He made his television debut with the fiction “Caterina e le sue figlie 2” (2006) directed by Vincenzo Terraciano, television that will continue to attend in various fictions and series, directed by directors such as Salvatore Samperi (“L’onore e il rispetto”, 2006), Giulio Base (“Un cane per due”, 2010), Francesco Miccicché (“Ris Roma”, 2011) and Niccolò Ammanniti (“Anna”, 2019). The film debut took place in 2006 with “Ma che ci faccio qui” directed by Francesco Amato. Two years later he will be directed by Carlo Vanzina in “Un’estate al mare” and, in 2010, participates in “Venti sigarette” that director Aurelio Amedei dedicates to the Italian dead in the attack on Nassiriya. In the same year, he is the main actor in Pupi Avati’s “Il figlio più piccolo” which earned him the Golden Globe and a special mention at the Nastri d’Argento, as Best Emerging Actor. Two years later he co-starred in “Studi illegali” by Umberto Carteni and, in 2017, he is the leading actor in “Easy” di Andrea Magnai. There is no shortage of other important appearances, all of 2019, in films such as “Tolo Tolo” by Checco Zalone, “Cambio tutto” by Guido Chiesa and, most of all, “Andrà tutto bene” by Francesco Bruni in the role of the male nurse that takes care with dedication of Valerio Mastandrea. In 2020 he’s directed again by Pupi Avati in “Lei mi parla ancora” and leading actor in “Rido perché ti amo” di Paolo Ruffini.


11_18 November 2023