Valentina: tutta casa letto e chiesa

Meeting with Valentina Lodovini

valentina lodovini


Boris Sollazzo


Sala Pasolini


24 October 2022, h 20:00

Free entrance

Also in live streaming.

Irreverent title? No, the memory of a play in which Valentina Lodovini powerful shows all her talent, dividing herself into four female characters that go beyond any stereotype, exactly as she does, choosing authors, genres, visions that always allow her to distance herself from every cliché. Cinema, TV, theater are just different playgrounds in which she never gives up putting herself to the test, raising the bar, challenging an extraordinary beauty with the charisma of someone looking for an extra detail in every job. Leading or supporting actor, she always leaves her signature, from civil drama to small provincial tragedies, from blockbuster to indie comedy, from Marco Risi to Paolo Sorrentino, from Francesca Comencini to Carlo Mazzacurati, from Luca Miniero to Alessandro Genovesi, she has been able to record in every work she has performed. Often with different kinds of women, sometimes with problems.

Valentina Lodovini

Since the beginning she has tried to combine cinema, theater and television. In 2004 she graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and in 2006 she made her debut in cinema with Paolo Sorrentino in the film “L’amico di famiglia” (in competition at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival). In the same year she participated in Francesca Comenicini’s film “A casa nostra” (in competition at the Rome Film Fest). In 2007 she was the leading actress of the film “La giusta distanza” directed by Carlo Mazzacurati. For her interpretation in the role of Mara she obtained a David di Donatello nomination the following year and won the Biraghi Prize. Also in 2007 she was starring in the German production “Pornorama” by Marc Routhemund. In 2008 she participated in Daniele Vicari’s film “Il Passato è una Terra Straniera” also in competition at the 2008 Rome Film Fest, and in Anna Negri’s film “Riprendimi”. In 2009 she appeared on the big screen in Marco Risi’s “Fortapàsc” – the film about Giancarlo Siani, the journalist of Il Mattino killed in 1985 by the Camorra – and with “Generazione 1000 euro” by Massimo Venier. Thanks to these two interpretations, she wins the Ciak d’oro as “revelation of the year”. 2010 is the year that devotes her to the box office. She is starring in  “La donna della mia vita” by Luca Lucini and of the blockbuster comedy in Italy “Benvenuti al Sud” by Luca Miniero. In 2011 she won the David di Donatello as best supporting actress for her interpretation in “Benvenuti al Sud” and presented the film “Cose dell’altra mondo” by Francesco Patierno at the Venice Film Festival. In 2012 she was in the sequel “Benvenuti al Nord“, again directed by Luca Miniero and in Fabio Mollo’s first work “Il Sud è niente“. In 2013 she was in cinemas starring in the film by Marco Ponti “Passione sinistra“, on the set of “I Millionari” by Alessandro Piva. In 2014, at the Rome Film Festival she starred in three films: “I Millionari” by Alessandro Piva,“Tre Tocchi” by Marco Risi and “ Buoni a nulla” by Gianni Di Gregorio. The same year she returned to the theater with Marco Travaglio’s show “E’ stato la Mafia”, in which she read the pieces by Calamandrei, Pasolini, Gaber and Pertini. In 2015 she returned to film with the comedy by Giovanni Veronesi “Una donna per amico“. In 2020 she is the leading actress of “Cambio tutto” by Guido Chiesa and a kind of sequel to “10 giorni senza mamma” (2019) with “10 giorni con Babbo Natale” also by Alessandro Genovesi.


11_18 November 2023