Walter Veltroni, director

Screening and meeting with Walter Veltroni

walter veltroni


È stato tutto bello – Storia di Paolino e Pablito / Walter Veltroni / Italy / 2022 / 107′





Boris Sollazzo


Sala Pasolini


26 October 2022, h 20:00

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A life spent at the service of a country in constant conflict, especially with itself, the last 10 years dedicated to the great passion of all time, to what he loved without reserve since he was very young, cinematography. Walter Veltroni, writer, essayist and now above all a director, knows something about conflicts. He lived them, solved them, suffered and even told them, with a poetics that has always had the courage of an ethical story, at times sweetly epic, always in contact with the deepest part of himself and of us. Documentaries and fictional films are mixed in a cinematic grammar that has never been sufficiently analyzed and appreciated, because it is often cannibalized by the author’s past and by easy prejudices, starting from his latest film on Paolo Rossi – another that this country has understood very little – we will speak with one of our most interesting and multifaceted intellectuals. One who had the courage to go against the shouting, the blind and cynical anger, the vulgar opportunism and nihilism that has pivoted Italy.

Walter Veltroni

It is impossible to summarize Walter Veltroni’s long political and cultural activity, first in the ranks of the Italian Communist Party and then in the reformist left. Here we will limit ourselves to recalling his path as an author and director after the choice to abandon politics and to return, because it is a return, to his passion for cinema and fiction. His directorial debut is the touching story of Enrico Berlinguer’s last years of life in “Quando c’era Berlinguer” (2014). The following year is the Pasolini-inspired documentary “I bambini sanno“, in which children aged 8 to 13 answer Veltroni’s questions about love, family, God and much more. After “Gli occhi cambiano” (2016) and “Indizi di felicità” the following year, Veltroni debuts with his first feature film, “C’è tempo“, a sentimental journey of two brothers who find each other without ever having met before. In 2020 it is “Fabrizio De Andrè and PFM – Il concerto ritrovato“, which traces the partnership between the Genoese singer-songwriter and Premiata Forneria Marconi. Walter Veltroni’s latest work is dedicated to Paolo Rossi, the Pablito of the 1982 World Championship, “E’ stato tutto bello. Storia di Paolino e Pablito”, which also points out another of the director’s interests, football.


11_18 November 2023