Neurocinema: the eye V 1.0

Evolution of the media and re-appropriation of the human body

Interactive audiovisual installation
Edited by Dino Esposito and Gennaro Bosone




11 NOVEMBER 2023, 4 P.M. – 8.30 P.M.


Priority entrance for people registered for the LdO popular jury.

The Eye is the first audiovisual product created by Neurocinema, a continuously evolving short film whose plot progresses together with the software that feeds it, thus enabling a constant interaction between software advancement and plot complexity.

 The Eye vl.0 is the first version of The Eye, which, using archive footage and generative sequences, attempts to tell sixteen different stories. Through the use of EEG sensors, the body and mind become protagonists and co-authors of what they see on the screen. Software connected to the EEG handles the management of the clips and the realtime processing of post-processing effects. Beta waves alter the narrative structure. Theta waves, on the other hand, influence the effects by creating new images.

Gennaro Bosone

Gennaro Bosone is a Software Developer and Visual Artist. After finishing high school, he opened a web and graphics agency. He became passionate about the world of creative coding and in 2020 he published Urpflanze, an open source library. In 2022 he exhibits at ArtVerona with The Eye, the first Neurocinema work: an interactive short film based on the interaction between the viewer’s body (using an EEG) and the machine.

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito is a Digital Artist, Video Maker, VJ, Musician and Cartoonist. He studied Photography, Cinema and Television at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and New Media at the Tartu Art College in Estonia, where he discovered the world of video interactivity. He became passionate about programming and started working on the first version of The Eye, which he presented as an appendix to his degree thesis Alberto Grifi, Humanising the Machine.




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