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with Omar Rashid

vr lecture

Linea d’Ombra Festival, with the support of partner / sponsor Nexsoft S.p.A., continues to explore the world of audiovisual in virtual reality.


Chiesa dell’Addolorata


26/27 October 2022, h 10:00 – 13:00

Free entrance. Booking online required.

To participate in the lecture it is necessary to book no later than 24/10/2022.

The lecture, led by Omar Rashid, considered one of the leading virtual reality experts in Italy, is aimed at everyone, from professionals to enthusiasts, and explores the specificities of a language that is not only innovative, as technological, but also of great artistic expression.

The lecture is aimed at providing participants with a theoretical framework of audiovisual language in Virtual Reality. Starting from the main notions, the technological and creative possibilities of VR will be analyzed.

Omar Rashid

Omar Rashid

Omar Rashid, born in 1979, is an Italian-Iraqi Art Director, Director, Producer and Designer.

At the end of his studies at Polimoda in Florence he worked as a fashion designer between Paris and New York. In 2003, the passion for fashion met that for new languages, cinema and communication and Gold, a multimedia content production project, was born. Today he is considered one of the leading virtual experts in Italy.

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