Night Film Marathon

For the 28th edition of the Linea d’Ombra Festival the night marathon entitled “THE BEST NANNI OF OUR LIFE” is dedicated to Nanni Moretti.


Sala Pier Paolo Pasolini


17 november 2023, h 23:00

Admission by subscription. Mandatory online reservation.

Choosing a path through Nanni Moretti’s cinema is beautiful – there are so many beautiful and fertile ones – and painful (excluding La messa è finita or La stanza del figlio or Habemus Papam is terrible and that is why we are already inviting him for a second marathon). One day, directors Giuseppe D’Antonio and Boris Sollazzo will recount the bloody struggle that led to this night, which will obviously end not with the usual croissants, but with an inevitable Sacher. As the director did in Il sol dell’avvenire, re-watching certain films, from Michele Apicella to Giovanni, from one of the most beautiful Italian documentaries of recent years to his latest masterpiece, is not only a way of looking back at a country, a language, a vision, but also an opportunity to fully savour a great auteur who knew how to change our gaze, our way of speaking and yes, even thinking. A master of cinema who continues to do so. In the cinema and now also in the theatre. Because Nanni Moretti is the heir of all masters – from neorealism to Italian comedy, from the nouvelle vague to Bergman, from Rosi to Petri – but he is also and above all the standard-bearer of a revolution, which began with Ecce Bombo and a theatre that saw a year-long queue of spectators outside and never finished. Nanni Moretti offers you jokes that in the evenings with friends you remember and recite, but also an interpretation of reality that, from Palombella Rossa onwards, has anticipated History.
Words are important and so, we need to write at least one more: thank you.

How to Register

You can register from  3:00 PM on October 23 until 11:59 PM on November 16, 2023.
Registration for the marathon is mandatory and must be done nominally for each participant by booking at  lineadombrafestival.evenbrite.com

Participants are admitted according to the order of payment of the registration fee of €5.00.  Registration becomes effective only upon payment of the subscription. Payment of the fee can be made on the evening of the event itself, Friday, November 17, 2023, starting at 6:00 PM in the foyer of the Pasolini Hall and by 10:00 PM

At the end of the screening, a questionnaire regarding the films viewed will be given to participants; the one who realizes the highest score will win a prize.
In case of a tie between two or more contestants, the one who delivered the questionnaire in the shortest time will win. The prize money that will be awarded to the winner amounts to €200.00 put up for grabs by the SalernoInFestival Association.

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out the questionnaire, which this year will be done digitally to avoid wasteful printing, requires the possession of a Google account and a smartphone with data.

Film screening

Ecce Bombo / Nanni Moretti / Italy / 1978 / 100’’

Bianca / Nanni Moretti / Itay / 1984 / 95′

Palombella Rossa / Nanni Moretti / Italy / 1989 / 89′

Caro Diario / Nanni Moretti / Italy / 1993 / 89′

Mia Madre / Nanni Moretti / Italy / 2015 / 106’

Santiago, Italia / Nanni Moretti / Italy, France, Chile / 2018 / 80′

Il Sol dell’avvenire / Nanni Moretti / Italy, France / 2023 / 95′

Filmquiz / Nanni Moretti / Italy / 2008 /15’



SALERNO 09_16 November 2024