Night film marathon

effetto notte

For the XXVII edition of Linea d’Ombra Festival the night film marathon “La Rive Gauche and la Rive Droite of the Nouvelle Vague” has been organised in collaboration with l’Associazione Tempi Moderni.


Palazzo Fruscione

as part of the exhibition Nouvelle 3


28 October 2022, h 23:30

Admission by subscription. Booking online required.

There is not a single Nouvelle Vague, but perhaps as many as the authors who gave it life and meaning with their films. And yet a deep vein runs through it and will reveal itself with a film “Day for Night”, and two authors, let’s not just call them directors: François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. Together until that fateful date (May 1973), divided from then on, now united in the history of cinema, forever. “I saw the Day for Night yesterday. Probably no one will tell you that you are a liar, so I do ”, begins the letter from Godard. Truffaut, a bit like the protagonist of a Marquez story, replies quickly: “I feel the time has come to tell you, for a long time, that in my opinion you behave like shit”. Let’s not stop at appearances, at stake here is not just a friendship, but an idea of ​​cinema. That of Truffaut, who still feels that he is inside, in a new, powerful way, the forms of the narrative, even though they are declined in personal, intimate, palpitating visions; Godard explodes the narrative structure, looking for a way beyond the tyranny of Kronos. Before them, to mark a road, on the Rive Gauche, Alain Resnais and his Hiroshima, mon amour, with them the authors of this small, but not innocent, marathon in the nouvelle vague, thanks to the night.

How to register

It is possible to register till 27 October 2022.
Registration for the marathon must be done nominally for each participant by booking on lineadombrafestival.evenbrite.com

Participants are admitted based on the payment order of the participation fee of € 8.00.

Thanks to the collaboration between Linea d’Ombra Festival and Tempi Moderni, the participation fee includes “A Night at the Museum”, or the extraordinary visit to the exhibition for the evening of 28 October 2022 until 10.30 pm.

Registration becomes effective only upon payment of the fee. Payment of the fee can be made on the evening of the event starting at 18:00 at the box office of Palazzo Fruscione, subject to availability.

At the end of the screening, participants will be presented with a questionnaire relating to the films and the Nouvelle Vague; the one who achieves the highest score will win the prize.

In the event of a tie between two or more competitors, the winner is the one who delivered the questionnaire in the shortest time. The gross prize money that will be awarded to the winner amounts to € 300, up for grabs by the SalernoInFestival and Tempi Moderni associations.

Films screening

Day for Night / François Truffaut / France / 1973 / 115′

Cleo from 5 to 7 / Agnés Varda / France / 1962 / 85’

Breathless / Jean-Luc Godard / France / 1960 / 90’

My Night with Maud / Éric Rohmer / France / 1969 / 110’

Hiroshima mon amour / Alain Resnais / France / Giappone / 1969 / 91’

Ten Days’ Wonder / Claude Chabrol / France / 1971 / 110’

In collaboration with

tempi moderni

11_18 November 2023