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Paths for the eye: film school

5 cinema matinees

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The experience, carried out with the support of the CARISAL FOUNDATION and in collaboration with the chair of SOCIOLOGY OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL IMAGINARY AND SOCIOLOGY OF DIGITAL MEDIA of the University of Salerno and with the CONVITTO NAZIONALE T. TASSO of Salerno provides for 5 cinema matinees, with the screening of five films inspired by the guiding theme of the festival, and a video reportage workshop created by the students.

Scientific direction: Alfonso Amendola | Peppe D’Antonio
From 24 to 28 October 2022

Sala Pier Paolo Pasolini

The project is reserved to students of secondary schools.

The cycle of morning screenings takes place from 24 to 28 October 2022, at the Sala Pier Paolo Pasolini in Salerno.

The five scheduled screenings are dedicated to the strength theme of the 2022 Festival: “Conflicts”.

Five films from the last twenty years that tell, in very different forms, contemporary conflicts. Spielberg’s Munich takes us back to the drama of the 1972 Munich Olympics, with the massacre of Israeli athletes and the terrorists themselves. An action that broke the truce that historically accompanies the Olympics. The conflict investigated by Carnage, a film by Roman Polanski, is of a different nature. In two families, due to a trivial accident between the children, internal grievances and claims explode and between the two couples of parents, a game of massacre that will leave deep marks. The conflict between the marginalized of the Parisian suburbs and the police in Les Misérables is all social, a work that appears both an alarm and a prophecy. Free Guy, a singular work by Shawn Levy, is a fun investigation of the conflict between real and virtual, of the way in which the two worlds dialogue and collide through the forms of a video game. Finally, Waltz with Bashir is a painful reconstruction, using animation, of the massacre carried out by the Christian-Maronite Phalanxes in the Sabra and Chatila camps in 1982.

The project is reserved to students of secondary schools of the Campania Region that joined the project.

Each screening is introduced by experts from the world of cinema and audiovisuals, identified with the scientific direction of Alfonso Amendola, professor of Sociology of Cultural Processes and Internet Studies at the University of Salerno, and Giuseppe D’Antonio, artistic director of the festival.


Directed by Shawn Levy, USA, 2021, duration 115 min.
Action, Adventure, Comedy

Annachiara Guerra
Researcher UNISA, expert in Game Studies


Directed by Steven Spielberg, USA, 2005, duration 164 min.

Francesco Della Calce
Film critic and journalist


Directed by Ari Folman, Israel / Germany / France, 2008, duration 87 min.

Jessica Camargo Molano
Contributor at Wired Italia, film and TV critic, television author, radio speaker


Directed by Roman Polanski, France / Germany / Poland / Spain, 2011, duration 79 min.

Corrado De Rosa


Directed by Ladj Ly, France, 2019, duration 100 minuti.

Martina Masullo
Journalist and Social Media Manager. Vice Director of Paese Sud and Contributor for Ninja

Jessica Camargo Molano

Jessica Camargo Molano

PhD student in “Mind and Technologies in the Digital Society” at the “UniNettuno” International Telematic University. As an art critic, her research focuses on the way in which the concepts of avant-garde and technological innovation are combined in artistic experimentation. Her studies currently focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence and NFT in the artistic field.

Francesco Della Calce

francesco della calce

Film Critic, Journalist, Writer, Artistic Director of the Mitreo Film Festival, Speaker for “Radio Marte”, TV correspondent, Screenwriter. His articles appear in some sector magazines. He intervenes on various national networks and participates in cultural projects and reviews within prisons, secondary schools and universities. He collaborates with the Luce/Cinecittà Archive.

Corrado De Rosa

corrado de rosa

Psychiatrist. He deals with the use of madness in the Mafia and terrorist trials. On the subject, he has written scientific and popular texts, among which Italian Psycho. La follia fra ideologia, crimini e politica (minimum fax, 2020). He is author of the novel L’uomo che dorme (Rizzoli, 2018). His last book is A Salerno. Psicologia insolita di una città sospesa (Giulio Perrone Editore, 2022).

Annachiara Guerra

annachiara guerra

Graduated in Communication Sciences, she collaborates as a tutor with the courses of Sociology of the Technological Imaginary and Sociology of Cultural Processes at the University of Salerno. An expert in Game Studies, she also deals with digital innovation and scientific communication, she is currently developing a research project on the cultural processes of games in the educational field. She edits together with Alfonso Amendola, the column ‘Mondi Persistenti’ on costozero, magazine of Confindustria Salerno, dedicated to the culture and consumption of the game.

Martina Masullo

martina masullo

Journalist and social media manager. She collaborates with the chairs of Sociology of Cultural Processes, Classical Media and Digital Media and Sociology of the Technological Imaginary at the University of Salerno. She deals with audience studies, innovation in the digital society and multimedia journalism.

During the development of the “Paths for the Eye” project, a laboratory of “Audiovisual Reportage for Events” will be created in collaboration with the Convitto Nazionale school T.Tasso of Salerno. The high school students, coordinated by their teacher Felice Soriente, will produce, with their own school or personal equipment, mini-video reports of the experience to be transmitted on the Festival’s social channels.

Each school interested in the project can send a pre-registration email to schools@lineadombrafestival.it or contact the festival representative for this project
Alessandra De Fazio – cell +39 327 734 3482.

With the support of


In collaboration with

Sociology of the technological imaginary and Sociology of digital media
convitto nazionale

11_18 November 2023