edited by Alfonso Amendola and Giuseppe D’Antonio
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Alex Giordano

Lecturer in Marketing and Digital Transformation, Università Federico II di Napoli

Francesco Padovano

PhD student in Digital Innovation, Università di Salerno


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24 October 2022, h 18:00

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La visione digitale. Prospettive di ricerca e processi culturali.
edited by Alfonso Amendola and Giuseppe D’Antonio, Francesco D’Amato Editore, 2022

The essays and reflections collected in this volume edited by Alfonso Amendola and Giuseppe D’Antonio go exactly in this direction: they observe the digital society with a keen and curious gaze, without prejudices or a priori dogmas, and trace a precious phenomenology of the new scenarios. cognitive, affective, relational and emotional brought into play by the irruption of the digital. The result is an articulated and complex scenario, suggestive and challenging, which offers not only ideas for further theoretical reflections but also concrete empirical and operational indications. In short, a perfect example of how to use the little pixel hands that emerge almost everywhere in the unprecedented and exciting media landscape in which we are given to live. (from the introduction by Gianni Canova)

Alfonso Amendola

alfonso amendola

Alfonso Amendola is professor of Sociology of cultural processes at the University of Salerno. Delegate of the Rector of University Radio. Editor of international magazines, he is a columnist for the newspaper “Il Mattino”. His research path moves along a ridge between avant-garde cultures, digital society and mass consumption. In the cinematographic field he has worked on Carmelo Bene, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Orson Welles, Maya Deren, Vladimir Mayakovskij; on the relationship of cinema between art, theater and literature; on cinema between E-generation and digital consumption; on cinema and post-seriality hub.

Peppe D’Antonio


Peppe D’Antonio born in 1955 in Montecorvino Rovella, in the province of Salerno, and graduated in Philosophy, Peppe D’Antonio taught History and Philosophy and literary subjects in high schools. He was deputy artistic director of the Giffoni Film Festival for about twenty years, then he conceived the Linea d’Ombra Festival in 1996 and has directed it ever since. He was a member of the board of the Afic (Association of Italian Film Festivals) and of the CFCC (Coordination of the Campania Film Festival).

Alex Giordano

alex giordano

Lecturer in Marketing and Digital Transformation at the Federico II University of Naples
Scientific director of Societing LAB
Italian pioneer of the network, he is considered one of the leading experts in Social Innovation and Digital Transformation. He has been a consultant on branding and digital transformation issues for companies of the caliber of: TIM, Google, Chicco, Mulino Bianco, Tiscali, MTV, Diesel, Fiat and many others.
He was the founder of Ninjamarketing, opening the scenario of unconventional marketing, viral marketing and marketing 2.0 (social media strategies) in Italy.
Ha has directed Centro Studi Etnografia Digitale making a significant scientific contribution to the evolution of social media studies.
He is professor of Marketing and Digital Transformation 4.0 at the Department of Social Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples and is the scientific manager of the Societing4.0 project (www.societing.org), a research/action program that aims to develop a model of ‘Mediterranean’ innovation.
Member of the IADAS (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) of New York, he has signed numerous scientific and popular publications and various documentary and informative formats. He is the author of various books including Marketing Non Convenzionale (Sole24Ore, 2007); Societing Reloaded (Egea, 2013) and Società 4.0. Oltre il marketing. Una Via Mediterranea Per La Trasformazione Digitale Al Tempo Della Pandemia (Egea, 2021).

Francesco Padovano

francesco padovano

Francesco Padovano is a PhD student in Social Theory, Digital Innovation and Public Policies and collaborates with the chair of Sociology of the technological imaginary at the University of Salerno. He deals with digital innovation between health, food and scientific communication. He is currently working on a research project dedicated to B2B marketing in the field of international interorganizational markets (multinationals and micro-enterprises). Since 2003 he has been the director of piuomenoassociati, an integrated communication agency specialized in BtoB.

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