edited by Armando Andria, Alessia Brandoni, Fabrizio Croce
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Da una prospettiva eccedente. In dialogo con Antonio Capuano
a cura di Armando Andria, Alessia Brandoni, Fabrizio Croce
Artdigiland, 2022

The book dialogues with the volcanic personality of Antonio Capuano and with his cinematographic work, starting from the indissoluble blend of his artistic and personal dimensions, in a ‘hand-to-hand’ with his history, his world of passionate preferences and equally radical rejections , his unusual and springy gaze on life and cinema.Composed of a long conversation, in the first part, and critical essays in the second, the volume experiences Capuano by deepening from time to time the direction of and the relationship with the actors, the conception of editing, the relationship with the landscape and with the urban space, the sense of the shot, the dialectic between writing and experience, the wound of reality and the preoccupation of time; thus crossing the vast range of harmonies and disharmonies of an exciting and vital path that constantly exceeds the edges.And tracing, as the authors write, “that wild courage and that material authenticity that constantly feed the need to go in search of a truth of things, inside and outside of oneself”.

Armando Andria

armando andria

Armando Andria (Naples, 1978) is a film critic, curator, producer. He has written for “Napoli Monitor” and “Sentieri selvaggi”, he is also editor of “Schermaglie cinema, inoltre”. He took part, with two essays on Neapolitan cinema, in the collective volume Lo stato della città (Monitor 2016). As an independent curator he has created monographic retrospectives, series of projections and workshops on cinema. He is the producer of the film Gli ultimi giorni dell’umanità directed by Enrico Ghezzi and Alessandro Gagliardo, presented in the official selection at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

Alessia Brandoni

Alessia Brandoni

Alessia Brandoni (Rome, 1972) after studying law began working as a lawyer, dealing in particular with copyright, art law and archival law; at the same time she has always kept alive her relationship with cinema, collaborating with the Roman film clubs Detour and L’Isola che non c’è. As an independent curator she has organized monographic retrospectives on the cinema of John Cassavetes, Chantal Akerman and Olivier Assayas. She writes in the film magazine “Schermaglie cinema, inoltre” and coordinates, together with others, the cultural association related to it. She has written about cinema in the weekly “Rinascita della sinistra”.

Fabrizio Croce

Fabrizio Croce

Fabrizio Croce (Rome, 1977) is a film critic: he was editor of the online version of “Sentieri selvaggi” and currently collaborates with “Close-Up, storie della visione” and “Schermaglie cinema, inoltre”, of which he is one of the coordinators. With Sabina Curti he created the volume: Il cielo rovesciato: rifrazioni tra reale e immagi-nario nel cinema di Mario Balsamo (Bulzoni, 2020). He also deals with social issues, working for years in the world of psychophysical discomfort also through art therapy and cinema.

Alfonso Amendola

alfonso amendola

Alfonso Amendola is professor of Sociology of cultural processes at the University of Salerno. Delegate of the Rector of University Radio. Editor of international magazines, he is a columnist for the newspaper “Il Mattino”. His research path moves along a ridge between avant-garde cultures, digital society and mass consumption. In the cinematographic field he has worked on Carmelo Bene, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Orson Welles, Maya Deren, Vladimir Mayakovskij; on the relationship of cinema between art, theater and literature; on cinema between E-generation and digital consumption; on cinema and post-seriality hub.


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