Ultimatum alla Terra

Ultimatum alla Terra
Ultimatum alla Terra /  Robert Wise / USA / 1951 / 92:00 min


  • Where: Sala Pasolini
  • When: 29/10/2021, h 22:30

Admission by subscription. Booking online required.

Original titleThe Day the Earth Stood Still
Italian titleUltimatum alla Terra
DirectionRobert Wise
Length92:00 min
ScriptHarry Bates
ScreenplayEdmund H. North
CinematographyLeo Tover
EditingWilliam Raynolds
MusicBernard Hermann
Set designAddison Hehr, Lyle Wheeler
Special effectsFred Sersen
Make-upBen Nye
ProducerJulian Blaustein
ProductionTwentieth Century Fox
CastMichael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray


A flying saucer lands in a park in Washington. The crowd, which huddles around it, sees a human-like extraterrestrial, Klaatu, descend from the spacecraft, bringing a gift to the earthlings. A frightened soldier shoots him wounding him and a gigantic robot, Gort, with a laser beam makes all the weapons of the gathered soldiers disappear. Klaatu, after being taken to a hospital, evades surveillance and, posing as a commoner named Carpenter, takes refuge in a bed&breakfast, making the acquaintance of Helen, a war widow, and her son Bobby.

Together with the boy, he goes around the city, incognito, and they meet the elderly professor Barnhardt, to whom the extraterrestrial trusts that the Earth will be destroyed by the Galactic Confederation, if the world powers continue to extend the war to the other planets. With the mediation of the scientist, Klaatu manages to make himself heard by the powerful of the earth and convince them of the seriousness of the threat. The situation gets worse due to the jealousy of Helen’s boyfriend who reports the extraterrestrial to the police. In the agitated stages of arrest, Klaatu is mortally wounded and Gort is about to begin the destruction of the earth. He will be stopped just in time by Helen who manages to pronounce the historic phrase “Klaatu, Barada, Nikto!”. Having recovered the body of the master, Gort manages to bring him back to life by means of the equipment on the flying saucer. Klaatu proposes again, before leaving, his ultimatum to the earth.


23_30 October 2021