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with Francesca Comencini, Corrado De Rosa, Paolo Di Paolo, Stella Pulpo

be followed by the final award ceremony of the Nexsoft Short Film Prize

Talk focused on writing as a job opportunity and final award ceremony of the Nexsoft Short Prize.

In collaboration with Salerno Literature and Associazione Duna di Sale
Event promoted and realised exclusively with Nexsoft S.p.A.




Friday 17 November 2023, H 18.00 – 19.00

Free entrance.


With the support of the advanced IT services company Nexsoft S.p.A., the Festival organised the Premio Corto Nexsoft, a competition with prizes for original/edited short film scripts with the festival theme: ‘Cha(lle)nge’.

Starting with the creative experience behind the competition for young people under 30, the guests will discuss writing as an opportunity to challenge one’s passions and change one’s life.


Speakers at the talk

  • Francesca Comencini
    director and screenwriter
  • Corrado De Rosa
    Writer and psychiatrist
  • Paolo Di Paolo
    Writer and artistic director of Salerno Letteratura
  • Stella Pulpo
    Writer and blogger

Introduced by Michele Rosco 

At the end of the talk, the Nexsoft Short Prize Winners’ Award Ceremony will take place.




Immediately after the talk dedicated to “Writing as a profession”, writer/screenwriter Diego De Silva, who chaired the selection committee for the “Nexsoft Short Prize” with Miki Rosco (marketing expert/storyteller) , Dario Renda (film producer) and Manuela D’Ovidio (assistant director), will announce the final classification of the four winners who will be awarded the prizes, which will be handed over by the sole director of Nexsoft s.p.a, Corrado Montoro.


The four winning authors, if they realise their short films, as we wish them to do, will have to include the words ‘Premio Corto Nexsoft | Linea d’Ombra Festival XXVIII Edizione’ in the credits of their work.






Corrado De Rosa

Corrado De Rosa (1975) is a psychiatrist. On behalf of the judiciary he has dealt with the Camorra, mafia infiltration and subversion. Author of essays on madness as an instrument of trial manipulation, he has published, among others, I medici della camorra (Castelvecchi 2011) and La mente nera (Sperling & Kupfer 2013 and 2014). L’uomo che dorme (Rizzoli 2018) is his first novel. A Salerno (Perrone 2022) is a sentimental guide to his city. With Minimum Fax he published Italian Psycho. La follia fra crimini, ideologia e politica (2021) and Quando eravamo felici. Italia-Argentina 1990: la partita da cui tutto finisce (2023).

Paolo Di Paolo

Paolo Di Paolo (1983) is a writer.  Many of his books originate from dialogues with illustrious figures such as Antonio Debenedetti, Dacia Maraini, Raffaele La Capria, Nanni Moretti and Antonio Tabucchi, whose Viaggi e altri viaggi (Feltrinelli, 2010) he edited. His novels include Dove eravate tutti (2011), winner of the Mondello Prize and the Super Premio Vittorini, and Mandami tanta vita (2013), a finalist for the Premio Strega. Many of his works are in the Feltrinelli catalogue and have been translated into several European languages. He is the author of children’s books, including La mucca volante (2014), a finalist for the Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi. He writes for La Repubblica and L’Espresso.

Francesca Comencini

Francesca Comencini is an Italian director, screenwriter and assistant director, daughter of the famous Luigi Comencini and sister of Paola and Cristina. She studied philosophy, but followed her passion for cinema, directing films such as Pianoforte (1984), Le parole di mio padre (2001), Mi piace lavorare (2004), Lo spazio bianco (2009), Amori che non sanno stare al mondo (2017). He has also made documentaries on social and cultural issues, such as Carlo Giuliani, ragazzo (2002), Elsa Morante (1195) and In fabbrica (2007). He has participated in various international festivals and directed several episodes of the TV series Gomorra and the Western series Django (2023). His autobiographical film ‘Prima la vita‘ is being released in 2024.

Stella Pulpo

Stella Pulpo (1985) made her debut at the age of 20 with the publication of short stories in anthologies of emerging authors. Consecration came in 2011 with the blog Memoirs of a Vagina, which made her one of the web’s best-loved female voices. Her latest book is Once Upon a Time There Was Sex: Umbilical Divagations to Rediscover Lost Pleasure (2023). Her work investigates the relationship between sex, the body, relationships, customs and gender issues with undisguised irony and clarity.

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