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/ Linea d’Ombra was created

The first edition of Linea d’Ombra , called SalernoFilmFestival, was held in Salerno from January 25 – 28, 1996.
The event, produced by the Municipality of Salerno and the Giffoni Film Festival, represents the natural evolution of a section of the Giffoni Film Festival, “Padri e Figli” (Fathers and Sons) and collects the inheritance of a previous section of the event, entitled “problems of young people in contemporary filmmaking” by Domenico Meccoli.

The project, by Claudio Gubitosi and approved by the Board of the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Film Festival , finds fulfillment in Peppe D’Antonio, deputy artistic director of Giffoni Film Festival and from then on the artistic director of Linea d’Ombra.

/ The Turning Point

2006 is the real turning point in the history of the festival that changes skin and also a big part of the organisation structure.

From 2006 on, the event is admitted to European financing through the Municipality of Salerno. This is substantial, but also bind to bureaucratic procedure that creates difficulties in organizing and planning the event in time.

The novelties are so relevant that it is possible to speak about the first edition of the new festival, that changes name as well, becoming Festival delle Culture Giovani. It invades new locations and it extends its length considerably.

April 19-30 the festival is held between the Cinema Theatre Augusteo, the Hotel Convento San Michele and the Palazzo Genovese.

/ SalernoInFestival was created

In 1998 the Associazione SalernoInFestival was created with the aim to promote cultural events and performances involving the creative youth of Salerno. The association produces and manages the festival, that measures ‘the density and the handling of its project’ writes the festival’s art-director Peppe D’Antonio for its third edition.

The third edition is held in Salerno from April 16-19 in the completely restored Cinema Theatre Augusteo in the centre of the city.

Peter Cattaneo, Valentina Cervi, Alessandro Haber and Ken Loach are awarded. Loach gives a “masterclass” in the Verdi Theatre of Salerno. In a meeting with Peppe Servillo of Avion Travel and two concerts; Elio e le Storie Tese and Samuele Bersani, the festival opens itself to music, too.

/ XXIX edition

Arrived at XXIX edition, Linea d’Ombra Festival continues its journey in the contemporary, riproposing and researching works of the creativity of our time, through cinema and audiovisual arts.

After so many editions, the festival continues to maintain its identity by preserving the character of an event characterized, in particular in the competitive sections, by a programming attentive to young cinematographies and innovative works that stand out to international attention.

To this end, the artistic direction participates every year in national and international festivals such as: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Berlinale, Venice Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, Locarno Festival.

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