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Diritti | Rights

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The concept festival is a characteristic feature of Linea d’Ombra, which has always sought key words to describe cinema as an art that is both classical and very modern and, above all, capable of intervening in reality.

In recent years, we have aimed high in our choice of themes for the latest editions of the Festival. We questioned the future with ‘Domani’ (2020) and its uncertainties with ‘Crisi’ (2021) and ‘Conflitti’ (2022), anticipating events that have since marked our everyday life. We then expressed the urgency of making conscious choices aimed at promoting positive changes, hence ‘Cha(lle)nge’ (2023).

Thinking about this now, all of this tends to add up to one: diritti/rights.

Since we have gone from subjugated to citizens, from ruling to ruled, the quest to extend rights, to consolidate them, to defend them against indifference or deliberate aggression, has become the pole star of men and women and, we would say, of the country that hosts us. Aware of the importance of this question in today’s world and of the power it carries within itself, we will be exploring the nature of rights in the two editions that separate us from the 30th anniversary of the Festival.

Avoiding rigid and schematic definitions, we will follow the trace of the original principle of rights in European culture, the conflict between Creon and Antigone, while recognising that rights do not exist unless defended by the highest form we have given to the community: the state and its laws.

The concept of law within society, but also individual desires that transcend the boundaries of law, will be explored in the next two editions.

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SALERNO 09_16 November 2024