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XXVII edition theme strength


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In the 2020 edition, the festival reflected on the theme of “Crisis”, understood as openness, possibility, change. It seemed natural to continue along the same line and probe a topic that figures as a direct consequence of it: “Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” seems to best embody the sense of something that is not yet, but that also shows us where we must look once we have left behind the rubble of a world marked by the tragedy of the pandemic. On the one hand “Tomorrow” forces us to consider where we still are, on the other hand it indicates a perspective towards which we must move in order to preserve, of course, but also to change, if possible radically.

“Tomorrow” seems to trigger the sense of a break with the past, the desire for a change necessary to bury a time and a history, a world of which fragilities, delays, inequalities, errors to be healed, if possible, have been dramatically revealed. The day to come calls us to a commitment, precisely because it is imminent and irreversible, like all the changes that not only the post-pandemic requires. “Tomorrow” commits us all to a more conscious look at the future that will invariably come.

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22_29 October 2022