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XXVII edition theme strength


poster 2022

The concept festival is a characteristic trait of Linea d’Ombra which has always looked for keywords that tell the story of ethics, aesthetics, the evolution of an art that is both classic and very modern and above all capable of intervening in reality. In the last three years we have decided to focus on the here and now, while also acting as a perspective. This is the reason for the choice of ambitious slogans such as “Tomorrow” and “Crisis”. Faced with the scenario that opened before us from 2020 onwards, we felt the need, even the duty, to reflect on a world that is radically changing. Of this trilogy, facing the tragic conflict in Ukraine, the last chapter could only be dedicated to conflicts.

In recent decades, the conflict, considered only and exclusively in its negative meaning, has been the engine of every revolution: political, artistic, social, expressive. A conflict was gradually considered something that should have been scary, something that undermined the perfection of the representation of a world sweetened by the conviction that the short century would lead to the end of history as we knew it.

The result is that we find ourselves in an unsuitable world to face a war, but even more inept in front of all those necessary comparisons for human, anthropological and creative growth. We will stage it, like in a ring, we will analyze it, with debates and films chosen with this in mind, we will also dedicate a retrospective to it. When we chose “Conflitti” as the prism through which to project Linea d’Ombra, we would never have imagined its immediate and painful actuality. But this accentuates our responsibility to face it in the highest way possible (and more).

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22_29 October 2022