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Linea d’Ombra Festival has a new section: UNIFEST, a university video festival developed from an idea, and with the scientific direction, of the Audiovisual Storytelling Laboratory-LABSAV of the Department of Communication and Political Sciences-POLICOM, and created in collaboration with the University of Salerno.

The first edition 2020-2021 includes the #LUOGHICOMUNI Contest, in which students and PhD students, enrolled in any course of study of an Italian university, can participate by sending an audiovisual product (no longer than 8 minutes), made with amateur or professional digital devices (mobile, tablet or video camera). Without theme or genre constraints, the short films must be set in a recognizable place, indoors or outdoors, large or small, fixed or moving. These spaces, natural or built, public or private, ordinary or special, will test creativity to retell the trivial utopias and stereotypes of our present, to reinvent the commonplaces of our stories, stories that are both particular and shared by people and things, small daily rituals and extraordinary adventures of the senses, mind and imagination.
The works selected by a jury composed of students and professors of the University of Salerno, scholars and professionals and coordinated by LABSAV, will be published on the social channels of Linea d’Ombra Festival and LABSAV, dedicated to the #LUOGHICOMUNI Contest 2020-2021, where they can be voted by users with a like.
The winner will be decided by the jury of experts and will be awarded a prize of 500 euros.
The most voted work online will receive a special mention.

The publication of the selected works has been postponed to 20 October 2021.

Starting from 20 October 2021, the selected videos will be published on the social channels of Linea d’Ombra Festival dedicated to the contest, where they can be voted by users with a like not later than 28 October 2021.

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23_30 October 2021