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locandina#ORDINARIOSTRAORDINARIO (#ORDINARYEXTRAORDINARY) is the second edition of the UNIFEST contest, a university video festival born from an idea and with the scientific direction of the Audiovisual Storytelling Laboratory-LABSAV of the Department of Political Sciences and Communication-POLICOM, and created in collaboration between the University of Salerno and Linea d’Ombra Festival.


The usual and immediate surroundings – as Wittgenstein and Vittorio Sereni used to say – can suddenly show us unexpected depths and make us discover poetic or unknown aspects of the world, of others and of ourselves. Without having to go far and look for cheap oddities and surprises at all costs, in an image taken and shared with a smartphone, the familiar can become wonderful or uncanny, and the banal look better or uglier, make us smile or get hungry, or make us think. Even more today, in a hyper-connected world of globalized events and consumption, the extraordinary can reveal or distort the ordinary in which we live, it can enlighten and seduce us, strengthening the sympathy with other living beings and things, or it can put us under the eyes the dark sides of ourselves and disturb us, hurting the sense of belonging to a place, a story or nature.
An unstable and two-faced epiphany, the extraordinary is in short a positive or negative possibility of the ordinary, and it is with this conflicting and multifaceted potential that the contest invites us to confront in a creative and critical way thanks to audiovisual tools and languages.


Audiovisual products made with amateur or professional digital devices (mobile phone, tablet, video camera) by students/PhDs of a University based in Italy or abroad, are admitted to the competition.
The audiovisual story, lasting no more than eight (8) minutes, must relate to the guiding concept / theme #ORDINARIOSTRAORDINARIO.
There are no technical, thematic or genre limitations (fiction, documentary, video essay, video clips, commercials, found footage, editing movie, animation).

How to participate

Each work – individual or collective – must be submitted by the author or one of the authors, who will act as the only point of contact for the subsequent stages of the contest through the institutional email address of the home University.

The application, to be sent by email to no later than September 15, 2022.

Award ceremony

The winner will be selected by the jury of experts and will win a prize of 500 euros.
The work that will receive the greatest number of preferences expressed by users of the Festival’s web platform will receive a special mention MyMovies.
The winning work and the 3 most voted online will be screened during the final evening Unievento of the Linea d’Ombra Festival (28 October 2022, H 8.30 PM, Salerno).

Scientific Direction by Filippo Fimiani

In collaboration with


11_18 November 2023